Within this exhaustion, Otherscapes poses the question of whether the tension between utopia and failure can introduce different ways of creating a sense of belonging in South Africa. Based on Arjun Appadurai’s notion of ‘scapes’ (ethnoscapes, ideoscapes, mediascapes, technoscapes and financescapes), the exhibition suggests other types of ‘scapes’ that can be thought of in the current context. Allen considers the effects of colonial history and official representations of South Africa; Msezane meditates on local indigenous narratives; Botha explores the dialectic between the real and unreal; Hlobo explores our unknown future symbolically in the form of a labyrinth. The artists in this exhibition reflect on the state of South Africa today, not through direct visual representation but as philosophical threads that weave together a narrative about people and nation, identity and place, body and space.

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