JCAF aims to present pioneering exhibitions of museum quality that are grounded in rigorous research, develop a critical discourse and help to generate knowledge. Exhibitions are the visitor’s primary point of engagement with works of art, and are thus foundational to the programmes and research of JCAF.

Reflecting on current ideas and contributing to critical debates, JCAF’s remit is to reposition knowledge through curated exhibitions that engender a global understanding of modern and contemporary artistic practice. This will be achieved by presenting the artworks through a socio-historical lens, supported by supplementary archival material that contextualises the artworks for the viewer.

The following criteria inform JCAF’s curatorial framework (i) to reposition contemporary South African art globally (ii) to participate in a dialogue between local and international, modern and contemporary art (iii) to actively disrupt the dominant view of Western modernity and (iv) to present exhibitions that are scholarly and non-commercial.

JCAF curates its exhibitions according to a Theme that runs for an indeterminate period of time, and that includes a film and music programme. JCAF believes in the transforming potential of art to awaken and inspire new ideas and insights in people and society. By offering unexpected perspectives, JCAF aims to deepen the viewer’s experience of art, encourage close looking, and act as a space for contemplation and new ideas.