As a future-oriented institution, JCAF aims to explore the intersection of art and technology in the 21st century.

I think the future of museums will be a lot more personalised than the current one-fits-all visitor experience, with technology allowing people with different interests to each have a tailored experience.

Jim Richardson, Founder of Museum Next

By providing innovative solutions for the use of technology in museums and exhibition practice, JCAF aims to create resonant and emotional connections that provide new ways of seeing and thinking about art.

JCAF’s technology-based engagement with art aims to foster a rewarding personal encounter between the visitor and the artwork. To this end, JCAF has employed an integrated and immersive approach to the use of digital technology, in the form of a digital universe incorporating (i) online booking for visitors to the foundation (ii) a website portal (iii) an interactive touch-screen wall (iv) social media (v) an exhibitions app and (vi) a digital LAB.

The interactive touch-screen wall serves as an exploratory space, encouraging playful interaction with the knowledge developed through our programmes. As the entry point for any visitor, it sets the tone for a technologically oriented institution. Exhibitions are supported by an app that replaces traditional museological labels and allows for a participatory engagement with the artworks. The app provides contextual information on each artist and artwork while amplifying the larger curatorial narrative.

Through its various digital platforms, JCAF aims to provide a more personalised and self-curated experience for the public that foregrounds exploration and intellectual engagement.


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