Mission & Purpose

The Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation is a hybrid institution combining an academic research institute, a platform for museum exhibitions and an innovative technology laboratory.

The Joburg Contemporary Art Foundation (JCAF), founded in 2013, is a non-profit organisation whose mission is to play a role in globalising contemporary South African art, and to act as a catalyst in the imagining of a new contemporary African art institution in Johannesburg, South Africa.

At the heart of the foundation is a philanthropic initiative to advance the appreciation of modern and contemporary art, while educating diverse audiences through an art-historical lens. JCAF is neither a museum nor a gallery. Rather, it is a new, hybrid institution, developed in the context of an emerging cultural economy in order to make a meaningful contribution to knowledge. It aims to serve as a cultural compass, and to place particular emphasis on South to South, and South to North relations.

JCAF’s research programmes are founded on the principle that experience-based engagement with modern and contemporary art enriches society. Its research methodology aims to provide a critical framework for the understanding, theorisation and interpretation of art through curated exhibitions, the innovative use of technology and the production and dissemination of knowledge in the Global South.


Knowledge Ecology