Digital Universe

As a future-oriented institution, JCAF aims to explore the intersection of art and technology in the 21st century.

JCAF’s technology-based engagement with art aims to foster a rewarding personal encounter between the visitor and the artwork. To this end, JCAF has employed an integrated and immersive approach to the use of digital technology, in the form of a digital universe incorporating an interactive touch-screen, an exhibition app and virtual tour. Through its various digital platforms, JCAF aims to provide a more personalised and self-curated experience for the public that foregrounds exploration and intellectual engagement.

I think the future of museums will be a lot more personalised than the current one-fits-all visitor experience, with technology allowing people with different interests to each have a tailored experience.

Jim Richardson, Founder of Museum Next


We believe technology can enrich JCAF’s visitors' experience of art.

At JCAF, exhibitions are supported by an app that replaces traditional museological labels and allows for a participatory engagement with the artworks. The app provides contextual information on each artist and artwork while amplifying the larger curatorial narrative. Viewers are encouraged to look and reflect on the art without the mediation of text. Our app uses beacon location technology (BLE) to push content to the viewer’s mobile device while they are in the exhibition. Visitors can download our app for free on App Store before visiting the space. Alternatively, we also have tablets available for visitors to use on their exhibition tours.

Explore the app below.


JCAF’s research and past exhibitions are shared with visitors on an interactive touchscreen.
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Based on our belief in the importance of accessibility, at JCAF we have developed an interactive touchscreen where a wide range of content is available for visitors to explore. From the architectural process of our building and the tram heritage in Joburg, our past exhibitions and more information about our featured artists and their practices, to our Global South research and leading questions: all content is presented in a playful and engaging way. Visitors can explore the touchscreen before or after touring the exhibition.